95% of Watch Dogs Missions Can Be Completed With Stealth Over Guns

By Eric Swain On October 8, 2013 News PS3 PS4 comments


For those players that like to try getting through the game with as small a body count as possible or simply like the outsmarting their enemies rather than out muscling them, Watch Dogs has your number. According to Senior Director Dominic Guay in an interview with Polygon, most of the game’s missions can be completed through stealth.

“About 95% of missions you can completely stealth through, or flee or chase without having to shoot. So it’s really player choice-driven. There are very few, very limited amount of missions that will force you to kill people”

Players can also try these stealth and information tactics in multiplayer mode, though Ubisoft hasn’t revealed all its cards yet. The game still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Watch Dogs will be out for the PS3, PS4 and all other platforms on November 19th in North America and November 22nd in Europe. The PlayStation 4 version for Europe will launch alongside the console on November 29th.

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