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1 month ago


Check Out The Latest GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4 Comparison Video

Rockstar is releasing Grand Theft Auto V once again for the next generation consoles. If you didn’t pick up the copy last time on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 then you can finally do it this November 18th when [...]

3 months ago


No Dying Light for the PS3 and Xbox 360

Dying Light, the upcoming zombie game from polish developer Techland, is not release a PS3 and Xbox One version of the game. The reason for the cancellation is because too many compromises would have been made that the core vision [...]

4 months ago


Tiny Troopers in the works for PS4 and PS3

If  you own a PS4 and want to play tiny troopers you will have to wait a bit longer because a PS4 release date for the game has not yet been revealed. However the PS3 and PS Vita versions of [...]

4 months ago


PS3 and PS4 FarCry budles

It has just been revealed that a new FarCry 4 PS4 bundle. At the moment it is only being released in Europe but may get a US released date later on. People who own PS3 and PS4 and subscribe to PSN and [...]

5 months ago


Sony Preparing To Release 2002 Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on PS3

Looks like Sony may be preparing to re-release a Star Wars video game title that was first introduced on the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube back in 2002. Could this be a mistake on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board? If you [...]

5 months ago


Bioshock Infinite Complete edition confirmed for PS3 Xbox 360 and PC

2K have just revealed a complete edition for Bioshobk Infinite. It will include Bioshock Infinite, Burial at Sea episode 1 and 2, Clash in the clouds, and Columbias finest pack. Irrational games shut down early this year leaving 2k to [...]

5 months ago


PS3 PlayStation Now Open Beta Starts Today

Those within the United States and Canada can take part of the PlayStation 3 open beta in PlayStation Now. Sony has released the open beta for PlayStation Now on the PlayStation 3. The service currently holds over 150 PlayStation 3 [...]

5 months ago