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The Inevitable Armageddon, Online Multiplayer

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of gaming with Dabney and Busnell’s first video game Pong. Throughout the years, no matter what device players choose, be it a PS3, PS4 or indeed even an Xbox One. A glitch [...]

3 months ago


The Unfinished Swan Hits PS4 & PS Vita October 28th

If you haven’t played The Unfinished Swan on the PlayStation 3 then you’ll get another chance to do so on the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita. Announced and confirmed on the PlayStation Blog, you can get the game this [...]

4 months ago


Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition Europe Release Date Unveiled

Looks like gamers within Europe will be able to mark their calendars for the release of Minecraft for the PlayStation Vita. 4J Studios, development studio behind the Minecraft editions for consoles and handhelds, has revealed the release date for Europe. [...]

4 months ago


PlayStation Now Beta Hits PS Vita & PS TV

Sony is starting the open beta for their video game streaming service known as PlayStation Now to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV later this month. Starting on October 14, 2014 the open beta for PlayStation Now for PlayStation Vita [...]

4 months ago


PS Vita System Software Update 3.30 Available Now

Sony has released the latest system software update for their PlayStation Vita. The update will take the system to 3.30 and will add a few new features to the device. One of the biggest changes to the PlayStation Vita through [...]

4 months ago

PS Vita Indie Game Mega Pack

PS Vita Sales “Robust and Consistent”

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony UK chief Fergal Gara admitted the PS Vita doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as the PlayStation 4, but he said he was encouraged by how “robust and consistent” the sales were. The fact [...]

5 months ago

Frozen Syanpse

Frozen Synapse Prime Coming To The PS Vita

Frozen Synapse Prime, a turn-based strategy game developed by Double Eleven, is going to be released on the PS Vita September 23. Frozen Synapse Prime was originally released on the PC and mobile devices and the game is about taking [...]

5 months ago

Destiny Remote Play

Bungie’s Destiny PS Vita Remote Play Shown Off

Destiny is set to release in just a few days on September 9, 2014. Those who have a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita can enjoy the game through Remote Play. Today we have a video demo showing off Destiny [...]

5 months ago