Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Classic Snake

MGS 5: Ground Zeroes Gets Exclusive DLC on PlayStation 3 and 4

By Eric Swain On November 20, 2013

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will include exclusive content in the form of a mission ca... read more


Brand New Dark Souls 2 Screenshots

By Debabrata Nath On November 20, 2013

From Software has released a fresh new batch of Dark Souls 2 screens and they show off the game’s various environments and monsters. T... read more


PS4 Head Start on Xbox One Doesn’t Matter Says Sony

By Eric Swain On November 19, 2013

While Sony is certainly glad that they had a great opening salvo with their North American release of the PlayStation 4, they aren’t r... read more

EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next Could Come to PlayStation 4

By Eric Swain On November 19, 2013

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedly said that he “can’t wait to see” EverQuest Next on PlayStation 4. In an in... read more


PS4 DVR Logic

By Tyler Kober On November 18, 2013

Some PlayStation 4 enthusiasts are upset at the fact that recorded game play and captured screenshots can’t be saved onto a USB. Hopef... read more


PS4 Sells 1 Million Units Within 24 Hours

By Debabrata Nath On November 17, 2013

Sony has revealed that the PS4 has sold over a million units within 24 hours of being launched. The figures are from United States and Canad... read more


PS Gang Unboxs the PS4

By Charly Pierre On November 17, 2013

PlayStation Gang  finally got its hand on a PS4. We’re happy to share the images with you below. I have to say, I’m very impres... read more


Microsoft Congrats Sony on the PS4

By Tyler Kober On November 16, 2013

Even Microsoft employees are congratulating Sony on its recent release of the PlayStation 4. One of there head employees this morning made a... read more