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About 500 GameStop Stores Going Out Of Business

2012 annual sales figures were recently released, and according to Business Insider, the used game juggernaut is downsizing across the country. At least 500 GameStop stores are potentially closing their doors.

In the wake of subpar sales, smear campaigns by rental companies like GameFly, and a general loss of respect by frequent customers, GameStop has been slowly losing business for a while. Many major retailers like Best Buy and Target are already carrying previously owned games. Meanwhile, digital gaming is taking control, and despite the efforts to start selling prepaid Steam gift cards, most gamers are staying away from GameStop.

GameStop’s future becomes bleaker when considering the next Microsoft and Sony consoles may or may not support used games. On top of that uncertainty, Game Stop also has to compete with the rise of online phone games, indie games, and a potential wave of microconsoles set to release over the next year.

This would leave GameStop to the hardcore gamer wolves. The only product they would be able to move would be the Wii U, new games, and outdated titles. When is the last time anyone walked into a GameStop and they made a retro gamer feel welcome? Odds are pretty decent that 500 closed doors will mark the beginning of the death of a long line of absorbed game store outlets (including the once great EB Games).

GameStop isn’t evaporating overnight, but this is definitely a huge ‘I told you so’ in the eyes of many gamers who have become increasingly fed up with poor customer service, overpriced titles, and the general lack of industry knowledge by many GameStop employees.

I have never come across knowledgeable, polite, or helpful GameStop employees. I’m sure there are a few out there, but the ones I have come across like to run their mouth, are trying to get a date instead of doing their job, don’t pay attention when a customer is wanting to buy something, and know nothing about video games. I can’t say I’m exactly sad to see them go, but I do feel for the good people who will be losing their jobs.

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  • Jason Parker

    You described my Gamestop to a tee. Employees were always very rude…never attended to me when I came in the door, when they did acknowledge me they only tried to sell me the newest most expensive stuff and always claimed they LOST my reserved games..that is, until I grabbed an armload of products and started walking out the door….JERKS! By the way, the store is in Magnolia, Arkansas.

    • Samantha Earwood

      I’m sorry to hear that about your experience. You should have got the employee’s name and turned them into their supervisor if they were not doing their job correctly.

  • Jason W

    I used to have a Gamestop platinum membership, now, every time I go into gamestop they ask me if I want to renew. Seriously, let me buy my game in peace. The only Gamestop where I encountered passionate, knowledgeable, and kind employees closed a while back. I would convert to Best Buy, but the nearest Gamestop is only 10 minutes from my house. I guess my sanity is the price I pay for convenience

  • Gen xy

    The Gamestop in Bloomington, Illinois is great. All the employees there are avid, knowledgeable, charismatic gamers of both sexes that I quite enjoy talking to. Sucks that it isn’t like that nationwide, apparently.

  • Mosca

    In the city I live in there is a Gamestop in the mall, one across the street in a little strip mall and yet another a mile south in another strip mall. 3 within one mile. Just a overall badly run company.

  • Dave Macias

    man the Gamestop where i live sucks, all 3 of them, many times they bash you if you don’t like certain games or genre, the other day i was on a store with my fiancee looking for used ps2 games(yes i still use it) and one of the guys approached me and told me “dude what? dont buy that crap play battlefield or modern warfare they are awesome game” to which i replied to him “well if i would like to experience how does it feel to be in the army again i would do it, playing a simulator and pretend to be a “soldier” is stupid, you want your modern warfare go enlist to the military” to which he said “ooooh….kay” . Honestly going to Gamestop is a waste of time most of the time i find myself going to small stores like in Chinatown NY, the store over there is great, the guys who are in charge are always friendly and they even go as far as to recommend you games something the employees on Gamestop won’t do.

  • Angel Defender

    GREAT ! BURN in hell gamestop.Nice 2 see you go by by. Lets make them close all stores . STOP buying @ gamestop. & if your in Ut. Dont buy @ jordanlandings store . The biggest theifs on earth…

  • William Casey Sedlacek

    I never payed much attention to the employs of game stop. I do all my research online and only go to game stop to make the actual purchase. The price on used games at gamestop is really good in my experience but if I’m getting a new game i preorder it from amazon. However gamestop has been a big part of my childhood just like xplay was. It would be a shame to lose gamestop all together.

  • Jack

    The Gamestop in Longview, Tx is good. Employees are always nice and very professional. They help you in whatever way they can. The only bad thing is how much they gave me for an old PSP game. which was a little less than a buck when I thought it should have been more.
    In the end, I like it, I would go back.

  • Dave Mlynczak

    Lower your prices then and then maybe we will spend money

  • Steven Pass

    How about this? Now that probably over 500 GameStop stores are closing for good, they should giveaway all of the games for free. It would be nice to get the games you always wanted for free. I mean come on, who wouldn’t like that??

  • Serge Hernandez

    good..there was one time..when i went to sell my used games (or trade) but because i’m a visitor from other country..the only ID i showed to do that..was my mexican passport and they refused to take my games because “i didn’t have a american ID”,then i talked with the manager and she told me the,i called to costumer support and i told them what happen and they said that it wasn’t right the way they were with,that person (at the store) had many complains from other i wasn’t the only,i stopped going to that store (where i spent more than $2000! i swear..i bought many games..but because i was buying “new ones” i’ve never had that problem until i decided to trade the games i wasn’t yeah..they lost a very good costumer…(me) so,i won’t be surprise if they decide to close that’s full of complains..

  • Charles P. Cross

    Their are 3 gamestops in a 2 mile radius in my area. That’s way to much.

  • Kirk Bambusch

    the gamestop i go to is the opposite the first thing they ask when I walk though the door is: Can I help you? and Im satisified with them

  • vazdrae

    Well, i mean in Madison, WI (city of just over half a million) we have i believe 5 GameStops, and two of them are in a mile of each other… they have quite a few in our area…

  • Alvaro Gómez

    I can’t complain about Game Stop in Springville, UT they always are ready to help and it’s entertaining talking to them I hope they don’t close that one.

  • Scott David Betson

    I have gone into EB Games a few times and well they treated me quite rudely at times….thats why I am PRO FUTURE SHOP AND PRO BEST BUY…At least THEY ARENT JACKALSTOP OR WE ARE EB JACKALS……………….They are Serious Jackals when it comes to sales and anything else in their games or acsessories

  • Chris Spearman

    The guys at my local gamestop are awesome. I was out eating lunch one day, one of them recognized me and we talked for a bit. Going into this store they are always welcoming. They will talk about any and every game out there. from Atari to the newest games.

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  • Ashley

    We have to travel 60 miles to the nearest gamestop, there are two in Dothan, AL. We enjoy going to the one near Target, my brother became good friends with one of employees because of their love of Pokémon. (^.^) I’m more of an Xbox, RPG gamer

  • DYR

    I couldn’t disagree MORE with this article, i have been in many, many game stop stores and the employees are ALWAYS chatty, talking to me about new games, giving me opinions of games and are generally friendly.

  • DYR

    Buying a game is an OPINION based choice. Why would you even need to ask the store employee about a game? Why, in 2012/2013 are you not doing simple online research about a game before you buy it? I dont see store employees as the reason for the decline.

    I think its lack of value for trade-ins, over saturation in the market (there are 4 game stop stores near me within a 10 minute drive) and competition from multiple platforms.

    Also there are so many crap games on the market there is no reason to go to gamestop to buy them. RPGS and single player games are a thing of the past unfortunately, the 12 year olds of today want to play Call of Duty 172, put in a head set and yell [email protected] for hours on end.

  • Anon.

    They could start selling MineCraft gift cards…. Just sayin’

  • Amanda Elizabeth Baker

    i miss when gamestop used to sell older games and at decent prices……

  • Playstationfans