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Resident Evil has been a strong franchise that has spanned over several video games and films. Since the first game launched in 1996, there’s plenty of information to get lost or missed through your time playing through the video games. Check out these interesting facts about the franchise!

Resident Evil Had Two Voice Acting Takes


Looking back at the 1996 release of Resident Evil, you might notice the below par voice acting. However, the voice acting could have been much worse! Turns out that the first take wasn’t living up to snuff for the development team thus they tried reworking the voice acting for the American release.

BioHazard Not Resident Evil


BioHazard is the official name for the video game. Capcom labeled the game in Japan and once they tried to release the title into America they were hit with copyright issues. Capcom came back with a rename of Resident Evil and the game was officially able to hit store shelves. Capcom has still to this day yet to announce why they couldn’t use the original BioHazard name.

Pink Herbs For Resident Evil 0


There’s a whole lot that can go wrong in the world of Resident Evil. Thanks to herbs of different colors, you can easily heal from wounds and poisons. Players can find Red, Green and Yellow herbs but in Resident Evil 0 developers were looking to play a Pink herb. The idea was scrapped yet still found within the video games code and can be access through Game Shark and Pro Action Replay. Even though players can work around accessing the herb, it currently doesn’t do anything within the game. Capcom has also yet to make any announcement as to what the Pink herb was attended to do.

George Romero Resident Evil Film Script

George Romero as seen in the documentary "Birth of the Living Dead."

The father of zombie flicks, George Romero once wrote a script for Resident Evil for a blockbuster movie. This film was set to follow the events of Resident Evil the game closely but did alter a few little bits of information. For instance, there was a love interest between Chris and Jill. Though the film script wasn’t used and later the script was developed from Paul W.S. Anderson.

Resident Evil Was Suppose To Be A First Person Shooter


Resident Evil’s video game series has mostly been third-person video games. Though when the first title in the series was being developed, Capcom originally wanted a first-person view. After development started, it became apparent that the technology at the time for the PlayStation 1 was not able to keep up with expectations for a horror genre video game.

Resident Evil The Movie is 12 Years Old


Paul W. S. Anderson’s movie adaptation of Resident Evil is over 12 years old! The film came out on March 15, 2002.

Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich Nude Scenes Cut Out In New Film Versions


Milla Jovovich plays the lead protagonist in the Resident Evil movies. During filming of the past Resident Evil series Milla and Paul W. S. Anderson (Director) fell in love. Turns out that original film had a nude scene of Milla where viewers could see her nipples. After they fell in love and got married, Paul scrapped the footage thus any new versions of the original film does not include the scene.

Resident Evil Inspirations



There were not too many survival horror video games to grab inspiration from for Resident Evil. Though two video games that are known to have brought inspiration for the video game was Alone in the Dark and Sweet Home.

Devil May Cry Was Originally A Resident Evil Game


Capcom’s Devil May Cry was originally suppose to be a Resident Evil video game title. Protagonist Dante, was planned to be the lead character role for Resident Evil 4 though after some consideration, Capcom’s development team found that Devil May Cry was too far away from the Resident Evil storyline and decided to keep the video game series separate.

An Accident During Filming Resident Evil Cause Scare


During the filming of Resident Evil the movie, an accident caused over 16 people to need medical help. Once first respondents reached the scene an immediate scare lead responders trying to help actors dressed as zombies. Respondents thought a major accident has lead for several people to be severally injured until they were notified that they were in middle of filming a movie.


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