Borderlands 2 Graphics Comparison between PS Vita and Consoles

Monday,February 24, 2014By Magadala See


Borderlands 2 is coming soon to the PS Vita, and many have questioned how the graphics would look when compared with the consoles and PC versions. Turns out that the results are reasonable, when considering that the game is going to be played on a hand held device.

Borderlands 2 for PS Vita will be available in Spring 2014. The game should include the usual features like the consoles such as co-op mode, 4 players online, 6 DLC packs, and the PS3 version of cross-save. Sony has also announced a PS Vita Bundle that includes a PS Vita Slim, 8 GB memory card, and Borderlands 2 all for the cost of $199.

To compare the graphics between each console, Check out the images below:


borderlands2-pc-comp BL2 xbox comparison


What do you think of the graphics between the PS Vita and consoles? Comment below.

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