Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review

Saturday,November 1, 2014By Rohan


The original Borderlands game was released back in 2009 by Gearbox, however before it became the fun FPS we all know and love today, it was a serious FPS like Call of Duty. Gearbox soon realized that the market for serious FPS games was a bit crowded so they decided to remake it in a completely different way. After its release, Borderlands became an instant success and was worshiped by newly founded fans around the globe. Like true game developers, they have decided to focus on bringing the Pre-Sequel to last gen only because they realized the majority of gamers still have their last gen consoles. Doing such did not compromise the quality.


New weaponry is a plus


Handsome Jack, the main antagonist of Borderlands 2, returns but this time he isn’t a tyrannic maniac instead he is a normal man who just wants to make it in the world. As you progress through the game Jack begins to lose his sanity and become the more vicious and evil character we all know. Much like how the title implies the game is not a sequel to the second game nor is it a full fledged Prequel, it is more of a free roam game that you can use to uncover the secrets and lore of Borderlands. As usual the new Borderlands game comes with a new selection of vault hunters.

First is Athena who is the tank of The Pre-Sequel, she also narrates for the game, next is a claptrap model named Fragtrap who isn’t exactly a perfected model. He can use “abilities” to help the team but since he is a prototype it usually doesn’t end to well. The third vault hunter is Wilhelm who was actually a boss in the second game. The last hunter you can choose is Nisha who in the second game is handsome Jack’s right hand woman.


Much Vault Hunters

Taking place on Elpis one of Pandora’s moons, the moon has very low gravity giving the player the ability to jump vast distances and take enemies down with ease. Vault hunters also have an oxygen tank on their backs that will allow them to double jump making traversing the environment much easier. Unfortunately we’re looking at a linear FPS when played as a single player game but once you make the transition to co-op the game feels completely different.

Sadly there is very little improvement from the previous games in the series instead it just uses the same models with a few innovations. The parts you found fun in the past games will still be the same but so will the issues and bugs. Gearbox has however, taken advantage of the moon environment by adding areas where you must collect air for your oxygen tank so you can traverse the area.


What We Liked


What We Didn't

To much like the previous games
No good unless you play with friends

Final Score


My conclusion is that the developers of the game tried to keep the same mechanics and vibe from the previous game which kept the game from feeling like a new game. The title also builds on the previous installments of the series with little success therefor it feels like a copy or DLC. Gearbox should have put this game aside and used the man power for the third installment of the series. Essentially we're looking at a needless title in the franchise that lacks much of the humor from past installments with little to no charm as a standalone title.

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