Call of Duty for Playstation Vita Coming Sooner Than Expected

By Charly Pierre On February 29, 2012 News PS Vita comments


The world’s best selling FPS   1st person shooter game is coming for playstation vita sooner than we expected.  According to this site  Call of Duty for playstation Vita’s code name is “Call of duty:  Allied Mobile Force.” This game will hit shelves between May or April .


Down below you will see a poster revealing  games for the PS vita.  At the top right corner, there is Call of duty allie mobile forced.

The poster is split into 3, as you can see, there are 2 red lines between the first row, which  lists the games that  have hit shelves already .  The center listed Unit 13, Silent Hill and  Street Fighter. If you noticed, underneath it says Mars (and the game released date), which means March in English. Lastly, the row that acquired one of the best FPS 1st person shooter games  out there ”Call of duty:  Allied Mobile Force”  is next to Assassin’s Creed. They assert Avril-Mai (which means those games will be released April-May )



No exact date has been given or mentioned for when COD Vita will hit shelves, but we do know it’s between April and March . Connect with us,Follow us on Facebook, Google plus or Twitter so we can keep you up with more updates.


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