Call of Duty: Ghosts new Multiplayer mode ‘Cranked’ is insane

Monday,August 19, 2013By Jayde


Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming out in a couple months and Activision has been doing a very good job at keeping fans on their toes.

They have been releasing information little by little, and many were very excited to see the recent multiplayer reveal.

One of the new multiplayer modes is ‘Cranked’. It is going to be fast paced and will show who truly is the ultimate killer of the lobby.

Obviously the main objective is to kill, but each time the player gets a kill, a timer goes off. The player will have 30 seconds to kill another person. If the player can not get a kill before the time runs out, they will blow up.

For every continuous kill the player gets, the timer will go back to 30 seconds, so the best solution would be to just keep killing.

On the plus side, killstreaks will reward players with faster movement, reload, and ADS.

Check out the gameplay below:

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