Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – Review Round Up

Here are the latest reviews and scores for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. The whole “undercover cop gets in too deep” storyline has been done a million times in both games and movies, to the point where it’s hard to watch [...]

1 week ago


Sony Preparing PlayStation 4 Launch in China

For those of who can recall, China recently lifted their ban on video games last year. Now news reports are stating that Sony is preparing a launch for the PlayStation 4 in China with a facility capable of producing consoles [...]

1 week ago


Sony Holding Special Experience Event Las Vegas This December

Sony is holding a big event coming out in Las Vegas this December. The event is simply known as Experience and will be going on December 6th and December 7th. The Experience event was revealed from the PlayStation Blog by [...]

1 week ago


The Evil Within – The World Within Trailer

Watch detective Sebastian Castellanos die in the most horrible ways imaginable! The latest trailer from Bethesda showcases the world of The Evil Within. Creatures and enemies lurk and will pounce on an opportunity to murder you but with a little [...]

1 week ago


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Confirmed 1080p For PS4

With the recent fiasco that Ubisoft is dealing with on the announcement for Assassin’s Creed Unity being 900p with 30fps on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, gamers will be delighted to know that upcoming Dragon Age video game [...]

1 week ago


Lindsay Lohan Files New Lawsuit Against Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has filed another lawsuit complaint to Rockstar for using her “likeness” in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. The lawsuit will be against not only Rockstar but Take-Two Interactive. This time, Lindsay Lohan has filed [...]

1 week ago

Far Cry 4

New Far Cry 4 Trailer Shows Off Incredible Landscapes and Vehicles

Ubisoft showed off a brand new trailer for their upcoming video game release Far Cry 4. This time the trailer focuses on the landscapes and vehicles players will get to explore and use. If you’re interested in seeing the different [...]

1 week ago


Flockers Review

Developers Team 17 have been working on their famous Worms franchise for over 10 years now. Now Team 17 is working on a new IP, and it is called Flockers. Flockers takes place in the same universe as the Worms games, [...]

1 week ago