Destiny beta open to all

The upcoming Bungie video game: Destiny, is now open to all PS4 and PS3 owners. Last week Bungie and Activision unveiled Destiny to online players but only players who had beta codes were able to play the game, but now the game is [...]

4 days ago


Why won’t Activision give Naughty Dog the rights to make another Crash Bandicoot game

After reading up on how Naughty Dog wants to do another Crash Bandicoot game and even letting Activision in on the project, here is some of Playstationgang reasons why Activision declined ND to the rights. For starters before Playstationgang  address its reasons, why is [...]

5 days ago


Sony Ends 2011 PSN Data Breach Through $15 Million Settlement

I’m sure you can recall the infamous 2011 PSN data breach. PSN was down for several weeks and to top it off, accounts were compromised. Everything from names, addresses and credit cards may have been taken for 77 million users. [...]

5 days ago

Oscars Gaming

Should Video Games Get The Oscar Treatment?

It’s all well and good for Leonardo and Jennifer Lawrence to claim their fame with the golden yellow trophies in the film world, but what about on the other side of the metaphorical pond. What would happen if video games were [...]

5 days ago

Bows, ghosts and why people with terets shouldn't play this game.

Towerfall Ascension Review

Bows, ghosts and why people with Terets shouldn’t play this game. If you, like me, own the PS4 and patiently wait for the free game of the month to come out, then… well… Let’s just say this month you won’t [...]

6 days ago


Do We Want Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and Jak and Daxter back?

I been doing a lot of research on Sony Computer Entertainments push to bring back 3 legendary game franchises that kept gamers wanting more sequels and endless adventures. The question is: Do we want Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and [...]

2 weeks ago

Leading Video Game Companies Hold News Conferences To Open E3

Sony Looking To Bring Back Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and More

Sony had some great exclusive video game characters in the past video game generations. But the point is, they were big in past video game console generations with no word when we’ll see these big name characters make another appearance. [...]

2 weeks ago

Call of Duty ghosts Extinction

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation DLC Review

If there’s one thing that the creator’s of Call of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode, Neversoft were criticized for, it was lacking replay value. After completing past Extinction missions such as Point of Contact, set in a destroyed Colorado, and Nightfall which is set in a abandoned installation; [...]

2 weeks ago