Infamous First Light review

Infamous First Light is a stand alone add on for Infamous Second Son that revolves around Abigail Walker aka Fetch. It acts as a prequel to the original game by using flash backs and towards the end present day events. [...]

2 days ago

Madden 25

Madden NFL 15 is Here

When Madden releases in late August, football season is already knocking on the door. But if you can’t wait for week 1 to start then Madden NFL 15 is the game to pick up. This Year EA Sports took its [...]

6 days ago


Why The PS4 Is Not All Hype

Sony recently announced at GamesCom 2014 that the PlayStation 4 has sold over 10 million units worldwide. After losing their console dominance during the PS3 era, it seems that Sony has avoided the disaster that was the PS3 launch and [...]

7 days ago


PSN Should Be Stable for PS3 and PS Vita

After the DDOS attack that occurred to the PlayStation Network today it seem that is Sony has fixed the issues with PS3 and PS Vita users. For the PS4 users? It seems that things are not the way it should [...]

1 week ago

Silent Hill

Is This The Final Solution For The P.T. Demo?

During Sony’s Gamecom conference nearly two weeks ago, a free demo for a game call P.T. was mentioned. It has since been shown that the P.T. was a teaser for a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills. The game is [...]

1 week ago


Update: PSN Hacked?

UPDATE #3: Sony has posted an update to the PlayStation Blog, confirmed “no personal information has been accessed.” UPDATE #2: Apparently LizardSquad is not responsible for this attack.They are trying to take the credit. It seems that Sony’s PlayStation Network might [...]

1 week ago


Witcher 3 dev says that The Witcher 3 may not be 1080p on next gen consoles

Recently a dev working on The Witcher 3 stated that the game may not run at 1080p on consoles. This is exactly what he said. “We are working hard on optimizing the game and nothing is set in stone. Our engine [...]

1 week ago


PSN Flash Sale

There is another PSN flash sale that is only available this weekend only. Different from the past few PSN flash sales is the fact that this time around the games won’t be for $0.99 each; this time around each game [...]

1 week ago