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Father of PlayStation talks about the “wonder” of the PS4

By Magadala See On June 28, 2013

Sony Computer Entertainment’s former CEO Ken Kutaragi, the man who pretty much gave birth to the PlayStation and beyond, discussed the imp... read more


PlayStation 4 Box Contents Revealed

By Debabrata Nath On June 27, 2013

An image posted on Reddit has revealed the full box contents of the PlayStation 4. The most interesting addition is an HDMI cable which is b... read more


The Best PlayStation Games of All Time

By Debabrata Nath On June 26, 2013

Though online games like free video poker, slots, roulette, bingo and many others have taken the overall gaming experience to an absolutely ... read more


Call Of Duty: Ghosts Shown On TV And Teaches How To Bark

By Samantha Earwood On June 24, 2013

Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, let Jimmy Fallon, Elijah Wood, and Grant Bowler play a demo for Call of Duty: Ghosts ... read more


Ellen Page Angry With Naughty Dog For Ripping Off Her Looks

By Samantha Earwood On June 24, 2013

People have been comparing the likeness of The Last Of Us’s Ellie character to Hollywood actress Ellen Page ever since the original rev... read more


PS3: Grand Theft Auto V 500GB Bundle Details

By Samantha Earwood On June 24, 2013

Sony revealed at their E3 2013 Press Conference that they are partnering up with Rockstar Games to deliver a special PS3 GTA V bundle and... read more


DriveClub: Free PS Plus Edition Details And Official Cover Art Revealed

By Samantha Earwood On June 24, 2013

A free version of DriveClub will adopt a similar setup to free-to-play titles and will be available for PS Plus subscribers when the PS4 la... read more


PS3: New Coin-Op Arcade Stick Released

By Samantha Earwood On June 23, 2013

Taiwanese consumer electronics company Genius has released its F-1000 Arcade Stick for the PS3. The F-1000 Arcade Stick is designed to give ... read more