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Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC Details And Release Date Revealed

Retailers have begun to list Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising, confirming what we suspected for a few weeks now—that the next DLC for Black Ops 2 is set for imminent release. Although it has yet to be officially announced by Treyarch and Activision, the DLC is being marketed for an April 16th release on a card…

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Bethesda Confirms Work On A New Version Of Doom 4, Rage 2 Cancelled

Bethesda has confirmed development of a new version of Doom 4 planned for the next-generation of consoles. Sources speaking with Kotaku claim the release date is up in the air after a reboot in late 2011. Development is “not going well” according to one source, although Bethesda, publisher of id Software, claims the game is still in…

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Sony Plans Big PS4 Reveal Before E3 2013

Sony has plans on revealing the PS4 soon. You can expect the next-gen PlayStation 4 console reveal this month or possibly in early May, a source familiar with the company’s marketing strategy told PCMag this week. At the PlayStation Meeting in February, the 3D PS Move, PS4 specs, and the DualShock 4 controller was revealed.…

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LucasArts Shut Down – Star Wars 1313, Star Wars: First Assault, And Other Projects Cancelled

LucasArts staff were informed of the shutdown this morning, according to a reliable Kotaku source. About 150 people were laid off, and both of the studio’s current projects—Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313—were cancelled. Disney will still use the LucasArts name to license games, but the studio has been shut down for good. Disney is…

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PS4 is “really surprising”, “it’s another world”

During an  interview with creative director of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream, he suggested that the different between the PS3 an the PS4 will be delicate. Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming project exclusively for the PS3. The visualize for this title is full capabilities with the PS3 and not a next-gen(PS4) upgrade. The project is been noticing that it’s in development for both PS3…

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PS4 is most-wanted electronic this year

GameStop revealed the PS4 is the most wanted electronic device this year according to their poll. 34% poll says that their most-desired electronic device this year is the PlayStation 4. Leading Sony  beating out smartphones, tablets, laptops and mp3 players. Over 900,000  users in GameStop  have signed up to receive information about PS4. “Based on the survey of loyal…

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PS4 is ‘a really perfect gaming PC’

During an interview with CVG and Epic Games VP Mark Rein, he informed that  the PS4 is ‘a really perfect gaming PC’. Not only that, he also said the PS4 games could even surpass what “most PCs” can do. He believe Sony PS4 “It’s like giving you the world’s best PC” He emphasize the PS4 opens up beyond what most…

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Grand Theft Auto V: Official Cover Art Released

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the box art for Grand Theft Auto V. The image that was spotted in New York City mural  a couple of days ago seemed  very similar to the box art . The box art  featuring Franklin, Michael and Trevor. I believe they are the main 3 protagonist of the game. You can view out the box art down…

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