Star Wars Battlefront release window revealed

Today EA announced over Twitter that the new Star Wars Battlefront will be releasing in the holiday period of 2015. The game is being rebooted by DICE who have kept the game very quite and not one leak has been [...]

10 hours ago


In Metal Gear Solid V you cant free roam in missions

Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain has a huge open world which you can explore at your own will, except in missions. In Hideo Kojima’s most recent podcast he revealed that the player can explore the entire map with ease [...]

3 days ago


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Europe Release Date Announced

It’s over three months away! Okay, enough of the horrible jokes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be available in Europe on February 13, 2014 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Not only do we get release [...]

7 days ago


The Last of Us game of the year edition coming to Europe

It has just been revealed that a game of the year edition of the critically acclaimed The Last of Us will be releasing in Europe on 11th November. The game will be bundled with the single player DLC Left Behind. It [...]

7 days ago


Mortal Kombat X live action series announced

It has just been announced that Warner Bros will be working on a live action series for the critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat X. However Warner Bros refuse to release any information other than it is in the works. However they did [...]

1 week ago

Alien-isolation8 - Copy

Alien Isolation expansion

Sega have just announced that their newest game Alien Isolation will receive an expansion that will contain three new maps for survivor and a new character to play as. The expansion will also contain an new mode named gauntlet mode [...]

1 week ago


Assassins Creed has plans for more sidescrolling games

A while ago it was announced that if you purchase the Assassins Creed Unity season pass you would recieve bonus content in the form of a side scrolling game called Assassins Creed Chronicles: China Rising. Ubisoft have announced that there [...]

1 week ago


Shadow of Mordor free DLC

Monolith the creators of the amazing open world fantasy game Shadow of Mordor, have just announced that the game will be receiving a new exciting DLC that will offer vast experiences and will be released for free. The DLC goes [...]

1 week ago