Bows, ghosts and why people with terets shouldn't play this game.

Towerfall Ascension Review

Bows, ghosts and why people with Terets shouldn’t play this game. If you, like me, own the PS4 and patiently wait for the free game of the month to come out, then… well… Let’s just say this month you won’t [...]

21 hours ago


The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 4 ‘Amid the Ruins’

Telltale Games has released a new trailer showing off the upcoming episode installment for The Walking Dead: Season Two. Check out the latest trailer ‘Amid the Ruins’ and see when the game will release. Telltale has revealed that the fourth [...]

7 days ago


Guacamelee! An Honest PS4 Review

DrinkBox Studios’ simple platformer/smashem up/puzzle game/love story/ Goatman! Simply put? Guacamelee, is beautiful, clever and thrilling! SO, players find themselves woken up by the local vicar asking the main character, a lonely farmer named Juan Aquacave, to run some errands in [...]

1 week ago

Call of Duty ghosts Extinction

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation DLC Review

If there’s one thing that the creator’s of Call of Duty Ghosts’ Extinction mode, Neversoft were criticized for, it was lacking replay value. After completing past Extinction missions such as Point of Contact, set in a destroyed Colorado, and Nightfall which is set in a abandoned installation; [...]

2 weeks ago


Just Dance 2015 Announced

Just Dance 2015 was announced during Ubisoft’s press conference event during E3 2014. The biggest change of the game series is bringing the mobile platform into play. If you’re a fan of Just Dance the video game series then you [...]

1 month ago


Rayman a Retrospective, a Personal PS4 Review

It has been nineteen years since Michael Ancel’s Rayman creation hit our PlayStation One screens back in 1995. With five games under their belt Ubisoft have really milked a dead horse dry, nineteen years on and well a stunningly clear question is formed in my [...]

2 months ago


E3 2014 Available in Cinemas

Stuck at home, stuck at work, stuck with the girlfriend? Never fear! Gamers who are having hysterics over missing this years E3 press conference will undoubtedly be comforted by the fact that E3 are broadcasting their press conference in cinemas [...]

2 months ago


Sony Reveals Top PlayStation Network Games April 2014

Sony has released a list of the best-selling video games on the PlayStation Network. The list contains not only PlayStation 4 video games but PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PSP, PS Mobile, Classics and lastly add-ons. Check out the list right [...]

3 months ago