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Naughty Dog Reveals Photo Mode For The Last of Us Remastered

In case you’ve been living under a rock this past year, Naughty Dog is releasing an HD version of The Last of Us for the PlayStation 4. Along with the updated graphics, 1080p and 60FPS, there is another feature being [...]

10 hours ago


Ubisoft Releases 30 Minute Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Video

Ubisoft revealed their upcoming Rainbox Six Siege video game during this year’s E3 2014 expo. During the reveal, Ubisoft showed off the main focus of the multiplayer aspect of the game, or what we believe will be the main focus. [...]

10 hours ago


BioWare Teases New Video Game Project “Chosen”

BioWare has a new video game project in the works, one that seems to be ready for a formal announcement. Right now, all we get is a teaser with little to no details. Can you guess what this project will [...]

3 days ago


Lords of the Fallen “Sins” Trailer

Lords of the Fallen, an upcoming hack-and-slash video game has a brand new trailer known as Sins. Check out the trailer down below. Lords of the Fallen is being developed by Deck13 Interactive with collaborations with CI Games. This is [...]

4 days ago


CounterSpy Launch Trailer

From the developers of Dynamighty comes a a spy themed side-scroller video game placed within an alternate cold wars. Today, gamers can get a glimpse of more gameplay with the latest launch trailer available down below. David Nottingham, lead designer of [...]

5 days ago


Guardians of the Galaxy Confirmed For Disney Infinity 2.0

The upcoming Marvel superhero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy will also be featured in the upcoming Disney video game, Disney Infinity 2.0. Executive producer John Vignocchi revealed that players can take on the crew that makes up Guardians of the [...]

5 days ago


Assassin’s Creed Unity Experience Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The trailer is known as Experience “New Engine, New Gameplay”. Assassin’s Creed Unity takes place during the French revolution and will add new elements like NPCs adding quests at any [...]

6 days ago


Media Molecule PS4 Project Teaser

Media Molecule releases a teaser for an upcoming PlayStation 4 project. Take a look at the video and leave your guesses as to what the game will be based about. It’s unknown really what the teaser video is about. Other [...]

1 week ago