Game of Thrones

TellTale Games Game of Thrones Teaser Released

Game of Thrones fans can now get a look at the upcoming TellTale  Games Game of Thrones video game. The new teaser shows off a number of popular HBO and novel characters make an appearance which means you’ll be interacting [...]

5 days ago


Destiny The Dark Below Leaks Online

A new leak has sprung online for Destiny. The game has it’s upcoming DLC known as The Dark Below leaked online. While the leak isn’t the full DLC, gamers will get an early view of the cinematic of the DLC. [...]

6 days ago


Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Launch Trailer

It’s finally here. You can now check out the official launch trailer for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V video game. This trailer is aimed at the launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which is set to release this month [...]

2 weeks ago

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Collectors Edition Revealed

If you want the exclusive collectors edition of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix then it will set you back $100 but there will be plenty of goodies tossed into the game. Square Enix has just revealed what the collectors edition [...]

3 weeks ago


Check Out The Latest GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4 Comparison Video

Rockstar is releasing Grand Theft Auto V once again for the next generation consoles. If you didn’t pick up the copy last time on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 then you can finally do it this November 18th when [...]

3 weeks ago


Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage has been released for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The gameplay is from the Xbox One but since both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have the same 900p resolution, it won’t matter how this video looks in [...]

2 months ago


New Destiny Construction Site Located

One player has uncovered a new construction site in Destiny that will be fully developed for an upcoming DLC. This time the new site still in-development is located on Mars. Check out the video down below that shows you how [...]

2 months ago


The Evil Within – The World Within Trailer

Watch detective Sebastian Castellanos die in the most horrible ways imaginable! The latest trailer from Bethesda showcases the world of The Evil Within. Creatures and enemies lurk and will pounce on an opportunity to murder you but with a little [...]

2 months ago