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PS4 launch has boosted PS Vita sales

According to MCV magazine, it appears that the launch of the PS4 has increased the PS Vita sales  by 68% the week after it launched. No specific sales numbers were revealed but the launch really impacted  the  PS Vita sales tremendously. The Vita [...]

3 months ago


Sony is Testing a Cloud Gaming Service

According to an anonymous source, it appears that Sony is testing a new cloud gaming service. The image above revealed that Sony is clearly working on a beta test step-by-step approach. As Sony promised us, a new  Gaikai-powered streaming service will [...]

4 months ago


‘Borderlands 2’ and ‘DMC: Devil May Cry’ free for PAL PS Plus Users

For all PlayStation Plus members it’s a treat from Sony this Christmas. Sony is playing Santa by offering two big games – Borderlands 2 and  DMC: Devil May Cry for free on PS Plus.  These games will be available for [...]

4 months ago


The Walking Dead Season 2 Interview Reveals Story Details

Telltale Games gave the award winning ‘The Walking Dead’ game, which was also 2012’s Game of the Year. Now the company is back with The Walking Dead: Season Two and we have this interesting preview interview of developers- Denis Lenart [...]

4 months ago


Amazon PlayStation Network U.K Store Opens

The UK Amazon store-front has opened and they are now offering  PSN wallet  cards, games, DLC, season passes & more. Some of the games  listed are  Tokyo Jungle, Hotline Miami, The Unfinished Swan  and more. It’s promised to add more products soon. [...]

4 months ago


PSN maintenance scheduled for December 9th

Update: Sony’s now  confirmed  PSN will be in maintenance for North America as well. The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will be inaccessible. The maintenance will start  at 9 AM PT / 2 PM PT (12 PM ET / [...]

4 months ago


Daily Challenges Come to PS3 and PS Vita Versions of Spelunky

One of the big draws for the roguelike platformer Spelunky, has been the daily challenges. Every day an algorithm creates a new dungeon that can be played only once. to many players it feels like the playthrough that counts. It [...]

4 months ago


Tearaway’s Two Trailers

Media Molecule has released two new trailers for their upcoming PlayStation Vita adventure Tearaway. One focuses on the audio and sound effects of the games, while the second shows how the game makes use of the various inputs on the [...]

5 months ago