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CRYSIS 3 Setting, Sandbox FPS, And More




Additional details of Crytek’s upcoming FPS title ‘Crysis 3′ have been revealed. The details suggest that the game will once again take place in the Urban Jungle of New York offering the best Sandbox FPS experience on the market. We can guess that  New York City will be devastated by an unknown disaster, which will turn the city into a Jungle allowing Crytek to offer a more open gaming environment. Launch of the title is said to be around Spring 2013. The official announcement of the game will be on April 15 or 16.



Comment down below, and tell us what you think about the new bow weapon. Also, do you think going back to NYC will be fun?


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  1. I am hoping they do not go back to New York I would like to see them go somewhere else like Hong Kong, London, Russia somewhere else would be nice. I would also like to see a map creator like in the first Crisis the had, Crisis 2′s map editor for PC never ran really well. I would like to see Crisis 3 to run it on PS3.

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