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Sunday,September 14, 2014By Rohan


Destiny is obviously the most anticipated game of 2014, but the question is did it deliver. Despite the fact Bungie said that day one reviews wouldn’t fully understand the beauty of the game, I still loved the game as I played through it. As soon as you jump into Destiny you are greeted by a beautiful cutscene that introduces you to the universe of Destiny.

At the start screen you will be given a choice on your character “style”. First there is the titan, who is a hulking best who specializes in heavy weaponry and punching people in the face. Then you have the hunter who is a small stealthy character that specializes in cloaking then silently sneaking past enemy lines then unleashing hell from nowhere. Last we have the warlock who specializes in the magical arts which gives him the advantage of unleashing powerful magic attacks that devastate the enemy.

The game of course comes with a story, and that story is intense and engaging and will keep the player occupied and will help you level up largely for side quests that have been previously inaccessible. If you decide to slip into light speed and travel to another planet there will be a load time which will be in the form of your ship traveling. Then we have competitive multiplayer which will also level you up and gain you more XP.  In multiplayer you will be using your regular character that you have been progressing through the main story with. Throughout your pernicious journey you will encounter a wide variety of enemies. Below we have some of the enemies. The FallenVex_Render

The best parts of Destiny are the times when you encounter a new species of enemy to kill. First there is the Vex who are a robotic race “that even hates other evil”. You will find the Vex on Venus, and if you sneak up on a group of them you will likely see them executing whole squads of Fallen. Next you have the Fallen who are the first alien species you will encounter in Destiny. They are the average enemy type that you will find on nearly every planet trying to claim control over the other races. After the Fallen you will find the Hive who are usually strength in numbers. They reside in the the caves on the moon and mostly use close combat. Hive are the sworn enemy of the Fallen and will stop at nothing to slay everything. And the last race, well you will have to find out for yourself. Warlock-in-Destiny-Game-Wallpaper   Now to the most important point, the gameplay. This game is not just an FPS its a whole new adventure. To begin with the enemies weapons are often very powerful but you are unable to pick them up because it would probably make you incredibly OP. However this is very unfortunate because the only way to get new weapons is to buy them from the tower. The best part of the game however is the fact that you can and most definitely will make friends that you will stay with throughout most of the game which is Destiny’s biggest in game goal. All together destiny makes for a great FPS science fiction game that will entice you with public events and extensive variety of alien races and it is a must have game for any science fiction lover.

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