Details From Cancelled Santa Monica IP Revealed

Saturday,November 22, 2014By Dennis Patrick


Details of the cancelled Santa Monica IP has started to come into light. While we have very little details about the game, we have some new clues from a LinkedIn profile. Check out what we almost received from the development studio that has delivered a number of God of War video games.

Santa Monica revealed not too long ago that they have cancelled an unannounced IP along with laying off a number of developers. One of the developers was Jonathan Hawkins who was the lead level designer on the project. What the project was about has been unknown but DualShockers dug deeper into the case and managed to discover a few little details.

From the LinkedIn profile of Jonathan Hawkins, it would seem that the IP was set to be an open-world video game with demos already developed. Unfortunately, that is all the news we have of the IP with no word as to why Santa Monica decided to scrap the project. As always, we’ll keep you updated on the very latest right here on PlayStation Gang.

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