Dragon Age Inquisition Not Releasing in India

Tuesday,November 18, 2014By Rohan


Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the biggest RPGs in recent years and seems to be living up to the hype so far. But unfortunately EA have made the decision to remove the game from retailers around India. This removal was due to the obscenity laws established in India though it’s unknown as to which obscenity law in particular that lead EA into not releasing the game.

EA’s reasons were obscenity laws set in place by the Indian government and like in the previous games Bioware has given players the  choice of their characters sexuality. Several websites have started to state that this is the main reason as to why India will not be receiving the game. This however, is no the case as a representative spoke with Kotaku on the matter.

Apparently, the same sex marriage abilities in Dragon Age: Inquisition was not the reason EA decided to pull the game but instead was based around the penal code. Unfortunately, it’s unknown as to what exactly was the main reason as the penal code in India can be vague. For those gamers within India who already pre-ordered the title, EA will be reaching out and offering a full refund.

This is a sad day for Dragon Age fans within India and hopefully EA is able to receive the green light for launch in the near future.


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