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EA respond to why there’s no battlefield bad company 3


Ea has responded to the concerns relating the bad company franchise, stating they are still very proud of their bad company sales and the bad company brand.

Many people were angered that the company was proud about the bad company franchise but stopped it to make the battlefield games, many people did like some of the features in the game of bad company.

When DICE was asked a question about the game he stated “What features from BC would you like to see in future games (which is not to say we won’t make another)?” he asked in response,”I would be very interested to nail down for myself what it is about BC that is special to everyone and how we can incorporate that magic.”

The public was furious that when they heard about battlefield 4 because they were hoping for bad company 3 to be released instead.

So would you want battlefield 4 or bad company 3?


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    bad company 3

  • Casmos

    I would prefer Bad company 3.

  • truckerskid

    bad company 3

  • Luke

    Personally i think battlefield 3 was a lot better and felt special compared to any other bad company game and i felt that the bad company franchise was just an addition to battlefield and i can’t wait for battlefield 4 to be released because bad company is just another battlefield game with a different title and story as well as the new features that are improved in every new game they release however battlefield 3 had more of an impact on me and i played a lot more of the game and got more involved with it.

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  • Kevin Hendricks

    Na People it all about Battlefield Bad Company 3 I like Battlefield but I like bad company more because it was funny it mad war games look fun and made war fun to be in ha ha ha Battlefield bad company was funny LOL

  • danny

    Bad company 3

  • Steven J Payne

    YEP BC3 ! i even asked them on the twitter page ! and they replied ! :)

  • Zach Fortney

    Bad Compnay 3. It’s tradition to have the Battlefield game, then the BC version.

  • Bruno Takay

    BF3 still hot….
    why another battlefild? will make another engine?
    will be more large maps, in ps4?
    why not bad company?

  • SnipeAssault

    Bad Company 3!!

  • Selim

    I prefer Bad Company 3.Because I’m afraid that Battlefield series are going to turn into Call of Duty series.

  • Jan-Michael Rossman

    im would prefer Battlefield 2143, but Bad Company 3 sounds good but i would like to see also BF4.

  • Samuel Bernard

    The campaign and character from Bad Company 2 were hands down, the best characters in any EA FPS.

  • Jeremy Doll

    Bad Company 3. We JUST got BF3… So give the BC fans BC3. We want Sweets, Haggs, Sarge, and Preston!

  • gr

    I’dont know BF3 and BC2 were the best games i’ve ever played

  • Jone Nascimento

    I would like NO ORIGIN

  • FudgeSociety

    Fucking bad company 3. We don’t need another battlefield game yet. I just fucking bought premium and I’m not buying another full game. And medal of honor is 70 fucking dollars? Let’s start a petition to stop buying EA games.

  • Mustang Man

    People say they love bc2 so much but when I play online its hard to find a full server even more hard to find a half full vietnam server

  • Jakob Taylor

    BF4 BF4 BF4, but BC3 would be nice too, it’s little hard to pick both are very great games!!!

  • Bromac

    bad company 3

  • Luka Kovačič

    Bad company 3. And pls all of you that play BC 2 write your names which you are using in game.

    • Gian

      BC3!!!!! GX-Messenjah and GianXander

  • Jeff Kewer

    Battlefield sucked. Then they made Battlefield Bad Company which was awesome. Then there was Battlefield 2. That also sucked. Battlefield Bad Co 2 was great. Battlefield 3. Not my favorite……See a trend developing here?