God of War in Virtual Reality on the PS4

Thursday,March 20, 2014By Jayde


At this years GDC, Sony did an intriguing thing and showcased their God of War series through Virtual Reality (VR) at the San Francisco event.

It was a demo in first person view, which made players feel like they we’re actually Kratos himself. They showed the potential of the VR by demonstrating Kratos beating enemies to a bloody pulp.

The show was hosted by the big boss Shuhei Yoshida himself, he describes the VR experience:

“When I looked down, I saw my body was that of Kratos. It was an empowering experience.”


Even though this is going to make everyone want one, it does not confirm that Sony will be developing a new God of War for the PS4 in VR. The purpose of the demonstration was to show viewers what they can do with their ‘Project Morpheus’ virtual reality headset.

Keep checking back on all things Sony.

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