Grand Theft Auto V release date revealed?

Apr 08, 2012, News, PS3 By Charly Pierre

GTA 5 made its way on to the CV of an animator listed, The latest hint comes courtesy of Rockstar North animator Alex O’Dwyer. The O’Dwyer’s CV has been removed, but we capture a screenshot shown all the shipped tittles include tittle from the past.The shiped revealed  Grand Theft Auto V could be released  October 2012.

Many rumors been revealed GTA V  set to be release May 2013.The released date on the shipped tittle by CV seem legitimate. I doubt that might not be the final released date, but hopefully we can get more info about this game in E3 2012. For now we believe Grand Theft Auto V could arrive in store in this year Halloween.

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  1. I still dont believe that will be released this year, it might still get delayed like most games.

  2. Big Boss says:

    Hey Asskicku4ever,do yoi like Metal Gear Solid?

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