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New PlayStation 3 Model in 14 Pictures

Earlier this week at Tokyo Game Show, Sony has released a new PS3 model in  its classic black color along with a white model.  It’s 50% smaller compared to the first PS3 and 25% smaller compared to the last model. HDD space has been increased to 500GB. Check out the images below


  • 500GB launches October 30th for $299
  • 250GB launches September 25th for $249 ($269 bundled withUncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: Game of the Year edition)



  • 500GB launches September 25th for €299
  • 12GB (Flash Memory)  launches October 12th for €229


  • 500GB launches October 30th for 29,800 Yen (tax incl.)
  • 250GB launches October 4th for 24,900 Yen (tax incl.)











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