Next Naughty Dog Game Will be on PS4

Wednesday,October 9, 2013By Charly Pierre


Chris Ashimine, the man who  worked as Localization Producer for the  Uncharted Series, he was interviewed by the official Japanese PlayStation Community to celebrate an  Awards ceremony for  Uncharted 3 which it won in 2012.

According to his statement, it look likes the next Naughty Dog game won’t Uncharted, he is not certainly sure,  but he confirmed that the next game will be on the PS4 for sure.

‘Talking about Naughty Dog as a developer, the PS4 comes into view in terms of their future title’s development. While I don’t know if their new title will be an “Uncharted” game, but I do think that you can expect it to be for the PS4.”"

What do you think the next Naughty Dog project will be? The Last of us sequel or a brand new IP?

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