The Order: 1886 Direct Feed Screenshots

Monday,May 26, 2014By Dennis Patrick


Ready At Dawn has released new direct feed screenshots for upcoming video game The Order: 1886. This is PlayStation 4 exclusive title and the screenshots are from a live streaming played on Twitch .

The Order: 1886 is set in a different history timeline within London. Knights are placed within the world to keep it safe from monsters, animals and man. However, a number of half breed animals and humans are on the rise. While hope seemed to be fatal in the coming years a mysterious new liquid was discovered.

The liquid is known as Black Water. When consumed, humans are given an extended lifetime and new healing abilities. Through the newly found Black Water and the industrial revolution, mankind may be saved through the new order of knights.

The Order: 1886 has yet to receive a specific release date but will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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