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During the PlayStation Awards ceremony being held in Tokyo Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House  announced  a 20th Anniversary PS4 Edition  console to celebrate PlayStation brand milestone birthday. The new PS4 lovely model, which comes in the same  color ‘Original [...]

2 months ago


Barry Burton Returns to Resident Evil Revelations 2

Today a wave of new information was released concerning Resident Evil Revelations 2. The game has now got various new release dates for all of the consoles and all of the episodes.  As well as release dates and retail prices [...]

2 months ago


15 minutes of Dying Light Gameplay has been released

With Dying Light’s release date only 1 month away Techland, the developers for Dying Light have released a gameplay video that showcases the first 15 minutes of the game without the opening cutscene. The video gives fans an insight into [...]

2 months ago


Black Friday PSN sale

That time of year has once again come around, black friday is here and with it a barrage of different gaming deals. Each of the deals will commence today and will last all the way up until December 1st, so [...]

3 months ago


Assassins Creed Unity will be apologizing with free DLC

The upcoming DLC for Assassins Creed Unity, Dead Kings will now be avaliable for free as compensation for the various issues that plague the game. The DLC is yet to get a release date but will be available for anybody [...]

3 months ago


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Official Trailer

Today Activision have released a new trailer to clear up any misconceptions and confirm that Exo Zombies will have it own mode and will ship with the 1st DLC for all consoles. The trailer is just the zombies cutscene, but [...]

3 months ago


Capcom has teased a new PS4 game

Creators of the Resident Evil series, Capcom have revealed that a new game is in the works.  Jun Takeuchi the developer of this teased title has stated that “It’s gonna be something that will even turn heads overseas.” “Right now, we’re seeing [...]

3 months ago


Irrational Games might not be so dead after all

Irrational games the creators of the critically acclaimed Bioshock series abruptly closed down earlier this year likely taking the Bioshock series with them. However the Studio have suddenly begun to post various jobs on their site hinting at a revival [...]

3 months ago