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the hive

Destiny the Dark Below Trailer

A trailer has been released showcasing a new DLC for Destiny that goes by the name of The Dark Below.  This time the DLC revolves around the vicious and unrelenting hive and will take you to the depths of the [...]

3 months ago

Double Fine

Double Fine Cancels Unannounced Project With Layoffs

Tim Schafer, head of Double Fine, announced that the development studio recently has cancelled an unannounced IP and with it a few employees had been laid off. Find out what exactly happened and what this means for the rest of [...]

3 months ago


Evolve DLC Maps Will Be Free

Evolve’s upcoming DLC map packs will be completely free for players. This announcement came straight from Turtle Rock development studio, developers of of the Left 4 Dead series. The studio wants to allow players to enjoy all the maps and [...]

3 months ago


New GTA 5 Exploit Grants Players Millions

A new exploit has been discovered for the latest release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto 5. With this new exploit, gamers can easily take advantage of the sock market in-game and earn themselves millions. The [...]

3 months ago

Game of Thrones

TellTale Games Game of Thrones Teaser Released

Game of Thrones fans can now get a look at the upcoming TellTale  Games Game of Thrones video game. The new teaser shows off a number of popular HBO and novel characters make an appearance which means you’ll be interacting [...]

3 months ago


New Tony Hawk Pro Skater Announced

Tony Hawk recently has been all over the web for trying out the first ever hoverboard. Now the professional skateboarder has revealed that a brand new Tony Hawk video game is in the works which we should be seeing released [...]

3 months ago


Details From Cancelled Santa Monica IP Revealed

Details of the cancelled Santa Monica IP has started to come into light. While we have very little details about the game, we have some new clues from a LinkedIn profile. Check out what we almost received from the development [...]

3 months ago


No More $90 PS4 Units As Walmart Changes Policy

There’s no doubt you’ve heard that several false Amazon sellers posting $90 PlayStation 4 units. Obviously these were fakes but a number of gamers managed to pick up legit PlayStation 4 consoles for just $90 which is beyond a good [...]

3 months ago