Sony’s PlayStation 4 Sold 5.3 Million Units Worldwide

Wednesday,February 19, 2014By Charly Pierre


Sony has provided us a quick update regarding where the PS4 stands according to units sold. Since the PlayStation 4 launch last year November, the  console continues to shine in terms of its performance of selling a number of units which inspired many gamers to pick up the console. As we stand right now, the PlayStation 4 has been the most successful console of all time.

With the recent sells numbers released, Sony had revealed  that over 5.3 million units of the PS4 have been sold since its launch in November 2013 worldwide.  Sony had previously forecast that the PS4 would hit 5 million units by the end of March 2014, this is a goal that the company has surpassed ahead of schedule.

Breaking: Sony Computer Entertainment announces 5.3 million PS4 sales worldwide #GreatnessAwaits

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) February 18, 2014

It seem that Sony accomplished that within just 3  months into the PS4′s life cycle, impressive isn’t it? Aside from that, the system has yet to even land in its home territory yet.

As of January January 23rd, Microsoft revealed  3.9 million Xbox One consoles has been sold worldwide. Making the PS4 sales exceed “nearly double”  Xbox One sales figures. The PS4 sales will get an higher boost once released into Japan on February 22nd, 2014.


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