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PlayStation Store’s New ‘Indie Games’ Category for the PS Vita

Sony has been announcing time and time again how important independent developers are to the gaming industry. Since these types of games are on the rise, Sony has decided to add its own category titled ‘indie games’ for the PS Vita on the PlayStation Store.

The category for the PS3’s indie channel was recently available last month, and had just made its way to their handheld. Sony has informed us that there will be more than 50 indie titles that will be coming soon for the PS Vita.

Don Mesa from Sony Computer Entertainment of America stated, “At PlayStation, we’re proud to support indie development, and our unrestrictive policies make it easier than ever for developers to launch games on PS Vita,”

“We recognize that the unique perspective that indie developers deliver contributes to the success and future of the gaming industry. And we’ve learned as much from working with talented indie developers over the last several years as (we hope) they have learned from us.”

It seems that the future for indie developers is looking brighter, when they are headed towards the Sony direction where the independent companies will be able to name their own price tags and choose whether they will allow shared games.

We hope to see more newer innovative games from Sony and indie developers soon.

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