PS Vita Sales “Robust and Consistent”

Tuesday,September 16, 2014By Jose Aranda

PS Vita Indie Game Mega Pack

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony UK chief Fergal Gara admitted the PS Vita doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as the PlayStation 4, but he said he was encouraged by how “robust and consistent” the sales were. The fact that the PS Vita has not sold as much as the PS4 makes total sense. The PS Vita is for the “on the go” experience while the home console is more of a “couch” experience.

The PS Vita was not present during any of the major conferences this year, but the handheld console has been seeing some improvements through the years: “It’s currently in year-on-year growth and enjoying a healthy year, and it’s about to hit its biggest and potentially most powerful release of the year, which is Minecraft. That could be an extraordinary release for Vita.”

It seems wise for Sony to keep the PS Vita in a more indie market, since many AAA type games (Killzone: Mercenaries) have failed to bring much to gamers.

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