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Sunday,November 3, 2013By Tyler Kober


When you think of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, from the outside there isn’t all that much of a difference.  Sure the outer structure isn’t the same but you can still tell it’s the same line of consoles, right?

In this post we’re going to give you a detailed run down on all the stuff that is different, and then convert it into stuff the everyday gamer can understand.

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PS3 Vs PS4 – What’s inside both boxes?



This is a huge improvement overall. The PS3 was running on some clunky IBM CPU. The PS4 CPU is AMD Jaguar 64-bit. It has 2 GHz and is 8 core. To put this into simple terms, it’s a lot faster then the PS3 CPU, they’re estimating it to be around 9x faster than the CPU in the PS3. This will allow game developers to go to new heights in the games they’re creating and will allow the players to have an experience never seen before.

PS3 Memory vs PS4 Memory

The PS3′s memory was a complete joke. I’m surprised game developers pushed it as far as they did. The memory was only 256 megs which is next to nothing. Every PS4 will come equipped with 8GB of GDDR5 and will be able to run 176GB/Sec which is extremely fast.  The PS4 has 32x more memory then the PS3. That is absolutely astonishing. You should notice that the new console runs much faster and much smoother. Loading times should be reduced drastically.

PS3 Video vs PS4 Video

The PS3 wasn’t all that bad on the video card for it’s time. When it came out it was pretty up good. It was running a NVIDIA 7800 and had 256 MB of memory. It also had 400 GFlops which was also exceptional at the time of the release. The PS4 is so much more powerful though, with that you’ll notice that it will be running Radeon DirectX11 with 1 Gig of memory. It also has 1.84 Tflops which is about 5x faster then the previous amount. This will allow the graphics in games to be absolutely amazing in the coming years. I’m very excited to see what game developers will be able to do with the extra video memory.

PS3 Media vs PS4 Media

The changes aren’t all that much different. It will still come with Bluray and a hard drive but the bluray will be an amazing 6x faster drive.  This will allow it to support better quality of video and bigger bluray disks which we will definitely need in the coming years.

PS3 Wireless vs PS4 Wireless

The PS3 came with built in Wi-Fi which was amazing for its time, but the PS4 will not only come with that but it will come with Bluetooth for iPhones as well as iPads. We don’t quite know how interlocked they will be and how you can use it to control your system but we’re very excited to see how you can use the two too enhance your gaming experience.

PS3 Downloads vs PS4 Downloads

With the PS4, you’ll be able to download stuff in the background. This was not available with the PS3. For instance, let’s say you want to play your favorite video game; in the background you’ll be able to download something else without affecting your game play. Amazing, right?

PS3 Vs PS4 -Infographic

Check out this cool infographic which explains how much more powerful a system the PS4 really is when pitted against it predecessor face-to-face.



As you can see above, the PS3 and PS4 are completely different system. The PS4 will be capable of bringing gaming to the next level with its amazing specifications. You can expect that game developers will be taking advantage of everything they can and will be providing you with games that will bring your gaming experience to new heights.

Let us know what you think about the specifications and the progress made by Sony in terms of hardware in the comments below.

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