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Wednesday,August 6, 2014By Matthew Wight


One of the best things about the PS4 isn’t a game, a DLC or even Laura Croft’s remastered boobs. No. One of the best things about the PS4 is an app. But more specifically the Amazon/Lovefilm App.

Forget Netflix, fans of streaming TV series, films and other moving pictures will undoubtedly be aware that Netflix despite it’s fancy adverts and popularity is very, very limited.

Three times Netflix has disappointed me, deeply so, searching for a title and it of course making me feel foolish for having a hope in hell that my title would be on the overrated website. So, that’s when I gave Amazon a go and I haven’t used Netflix since!

All the titles I was looking for were on the website and what’s more it doesn’t make the same mistake that Netflix does, it gives you a watchlist yes but it doesn’t then go on to suggest Fifty Shades of Grey because you’ve watched Titanic. No it doesn’t suggest things at all. (I’m aware Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t on Netflix, I was exaggerating. I doubt then even have Titanic). It’s early days yet of course but my relationship with Amazon looks great!

There’s a large selection of titles to choose from, an easy rating system and cheap membership fees. When registering I did have a minor heart attack though, the message it greeted me was it’s £79.95 for a yearly membership. I almost resorted back to Crapflix before I saw that a monthly payment was also available. And then a third, I took the third which of course was a monthly free subscription.

Here’s my advice, if you can’t find something on Netflix go to this app, if you don’t know what to watch on Netflix go to this app. Even if you don’t like Amazon’s Lovefilm App then abuse the month of free membership and make a judjement on that.

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