PS4 pre-order numbers revealed

Aug 20, 2013, PS4 By Debabrata Nath

Sony during its gamescom presser has announced a host of new PS4 details including its release date. What came as a surprise was the fact that it also revealed that the console has already been pre-ordered more than 1 million times.

This means that the PS4 pre-order numbers stand at a staggering number of more than a million units with still a few months to go before it hits markets across the world.

Sony has confirmed that 32 countries will be getting the PS4 at launch, and with the release date set in stone, pre-order numbers are bound to increase as we near its launch.

Are you surprised by the high number of pre-orders placed for Sony’s next console. Let us know below.

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13 Responses to “PS4 pre-order numbers revealed”

  1. Curtis Beard says:


  2. Adam Killian Dunne says:

    Not a surprise!

  3. I tried to preorder one at gamestop but dude told me that it was too late and to check back in like 1 to 2 weeks for more preorders smh lies!

  4. My local Gamestop had 20 available pre-ordrs for ps4 and only 8 for xbox one. Pre-orders for ps4 went up to 60(now 100 I think) and xbox is at 20 with 17 pre-ordered… lol

  5. Noitra Jiruga Normz says:

    thought they wld be higher…..

  6. Mark Horriar says:

    Find eine Millionen doch recht wenig. H├Ątte mit deutlich mehr gerechnet. Klingt doch was armseelig.

  7. Paul Michael Williams says:

    iv pre-ordered mine from amazon on day of release it's going to be an awesome console.

  8. nice to hear such stats from a girl

  9. Emi-Chan Mew Mew says:

    Ali Saeed Faridi wow,so rude Ali..

  10. Emi-Chan Mew Mew says:

    Sony Rocks. I think Sony did better presenting There new gen ps4 then Microsoft did with Xbox One. I personaly don't care for Xbox One anywayz… Playstation all the way baby!

  11. Cole Hyntermeister says:

    How is that rude?

  12. Mike Ramsdell says:

    Sony made the better console makes it clear. Sony has and always will be number one

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