PS4 Sales Goes Up 74% during TitanFall’s UK Launch Week

Tuesday,March 18, 2014By Magadala See


Reports have shown that the Xbox One exclusive TitanFall has been increasing sales on Microsoft’s next gen console.

MCV UK Editor Christopher Dring was the one who did the studies and cited “retail sources” to go along with his reports. He explains that sales of the PS4 has went up 74% just last week.

The jump in sales could be from Sony increasing supply to the stores, which was limited before. The people who weren’t able to get a PS4 when it launched, most likely got one when stocks returned. Dring tweets:

Xbox One sales jumped 96% last week. But according to my retail source, PS4 sales also rose by 72.4%. That’ll be because some stock came in.

The source isn’t completely certified and has been labeled a rumor, but it is something that makes sense, where several retailers were able to gain supply of the PS4 last week, thus increasing sales. Even British Amazon has the PS4 currently available.

Would you buy the Xbox One because of TitanFall? Comment below.

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