PS4′s GPU 50% more powerful than Xbox One

Wednesday,May 22, 2013By Debabrata Nath


Microsoft’s new console Xbox One apparently has 50% less raw shader performance when pitted against its rival – Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Although both consoles’ specs on paper are similar to each other (8GB RAM, identical AMD x86 CPU, etc) but the PS4 has far more raw power when compared.

The PlayStation 4 has 1152 SPs & 800MHz compared to the Xbox One’s 768 SPs @ 800MHz vs. Although, this doesn’t mean all multi-platform games will look and perform better on the PS4.

Sony certainly has the faster and more powerful console of the two and is targeting the core gaming audiences that the PlayStation brand is known to relate to. However, Microsoft’s console has chosen the riskier path of forming a balance between power and usability allowing both skilled and mediocre developers to create experiences on the console, which in turn allows them to tap into a much more broader market including casual gamers.

This might backfire to Microsoft’s if people are still expecting blockbuster visuals and performance from console games rather than what kind of features and experiences in brings outside of the ‘games’ model.

Whatever be the case, it’s evident Sony is sticking to what they do best, making games which look great and play well, while Microsoft is planning to build not only a console but an entire console which will enable you to play games as well as carry out several other activities.

Which one would you pick?

Thanks, Anand.

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