PSG: Game Journalist’s Wanted

Saturday,July 12, 2014By Dennis Patrick

Game Journalists Wanted

Are you a gamer at heart? Do you love talking, playing and discussing everything within the realm of video games?! Are you interested in becoming a video game journalist? PlayStation Gang is looking for new staff members to provide incredible content for the website.

What We’re Looking For

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Daily News:

Are you a hardcore gamer that needs to know the latest information about a certain video game or the industry? You will be one of the elite members that keeps the blood flowing for PlayStation Gang. Report breaking news of a video game announcement, cancellation, updates etc.

Featured Pieces:

Can you name the best video games from this past year? Now can you sort them in genre? Maybe Featured articles will be an ideal spot for you. Featured pieces will alert gamers of the top games of certain topic. Huge horror genre fan? You can report on the top 5 best terrifying horror video games ever created!


Are you very opinionated on a video game announcement? Can you easily convey a message that challenges a thought or further agree with a certain topic? Editorials will give writers the option of telling viewers where you stand on a subject.


I’m sure you’re familiar with this position. PlayStation Gang will need writers who will be able to play and review the latest video games.




PlayStation Gang can’t offer any payments quite yet as we’re still growing but we do offer a few benefits. PlayStation Gang can help obtain press badges for the latest events (GDC, E3, Pax, etc) along with video games ahead of launch for review.


Requirements When Applying


  • Any past experience? (Not required)
  • Name, age and where you’re from (Required)
  • Writing sample (Few paragraphs about something related to the game industry or past work sample – Required)
  • How often can you post? (Required)
  • Tell us a little about yourself (Required)


Email your applications to

 psg[email protected]  



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