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Report: New PlayStation 3 Model


A new PlayStation 3 model series has been discovered on a   Anatel’s archives Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications.

The Brasil document  revealed the products CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C. The PS3 slim references the CECH-30xx series. The new PS3 model might  come with 250 GB and 500 GB models  and it also seems more smaller and slimmer than the original PlayStation 3 slim. We have a couple picture of the model down below. Thanks to Tecnoblog






We can’t confirm  whether if this  pictures are real or not, but only thing we can do is wait until Sony confirm .


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  • Nostragamus

    I think it looks great, damn if its true then is a shame i already bought my ps3 slim a few months ago, but well, its the same thing but a bit cooler

  • Anon.

    Too Ugly.

  • juan

    estaa raroo

  • Selim

    Sony wouldn’t make a crap like this.It’s %100 fake if you ask me.

    • Paranoimia

      People said that when the first images of the current PS3 Slim appeared!

      • Selim

        I’m sure millions of people said the same thing.

  • Paranoimia

    Looks like part of the top slides open to manually remove the disc, which would explain the change of wording in the latest firmware from “Eject disc” to “Remove disc”.

  • Cylus Sebastian

    ps3 slim is CRAP period !

  • PS3


    • Chris Licata

      No it’s not, this just passed through the FCC. It will be out in a matter of weeks

  • Ps3 SLiM

    190 watts ?? uhm… Playstation 3 slim is 95… 100% fake

  • Zak Nabibaksh

    even if this was real, why would they make another ps3 when the ps4 is coming out soon? its obviously fake

  • Lee Chris

    :I Playstations’ already working on the PS4, the wouldn’t be wasting money on a new-NEW ps3. Seeing as they’ve already made the slim ps3.

  • Towa

    Why would you waste your time on another model. Just work on PS4 So yeah. i think its a fake

  • doctribal

    De seguro lo van a echar a perder como cn el play 2 slim q se calentaba y su tiempo d vida era mucho menor q el play 2 fat!!! Estoy seguro!!!

  • James Haro

    500 gb hell yeah!!

    • Cole Higgins

      Why do you need that much

      • James Haro

        the bigger the better

  • Willbryan Medina Rivera

    Real r fake I don’t like it this is not sexy I ain’t feeling i9t I’m gonna stick with mine ;)

  • Technoblog

    Fake.they working on PS4.they wouldnt hide it.The disk remover pops up.its junk.and they wouldnt release a slim slim model.

  • Ahmed

    This is fake , I guarantee it .

  • Chris Licata

    To all people who say this is a fake, IT IS NOT! Everyone thought the first PS3 slim was a fake and what happened with it? It came into existence. You might also argue that they are working on the PS4 why make a new PS3. Well you may remember that sony actually still makes the PS2 and they released a new PS2 after the PS3 was released. So I see no reason to believe this is a fake.

  • jesse

    why why why. just add 4 usb ports it cant be that hard.

    • Gabriel


  • Persona

    This is retarded. We already have a PS3 slim…. The PS3′s life cycle is almost over.
    Why the fuck would ANYONE buy this slim? I mean sure if you don’t have a PS3 and want one for the new games, that’s fine, but jesus christ, Still kind of too late to buy the current gen consoles, you’d better wait a year.

  • alex26gc

    As always Sony will not confirm or deny this rumor, but, lets wait and see, personally I don’t think is fake, but, how knows