Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition revealed

Apr 11, 2012, News, PS3 By Charly Pierre

Capcom has revealed Resident 6 Evil premium edition .It will cost around 105,000 yen in japan (approximately $1,300.47 in U.S.)

There will be a Playstation 3 premium edition covers which will featuring Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, Leon S. Kennedy and some  mysterious character) in addition to the leather jacket from Leon S. Kennedy. You can view the  premuim edition cover right down below.






Resident Evil 6 set to be release October 2nd.

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13 Responses to “Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition revealed”

  1. not max says:

    Did it seriously say 1,300 dollars? FUUUUUUUCK no.

  2. No Way! Not buying it for that much!

  3. 8008135 says:

    sure, why not? It just has to have all the RE games, a ps3, vita, 360, 3DS, 3 controllers for each system, and then im in.

  4. UnknownNigga says:

     Is the case made of gold or something.. Wtf..

  5. Koda says:

    …I think its saying a leather jack from Leon comes with it… but still…

  6. Gkcoolway says:

    gotta be crazy for spending 1300 $ just for a video game

  7. Zero7dl says:

    ha ha ha 1000 dollars seriuosly ha ha good luck with that…

  8. Anthonysavoy says:

    Im buying it!

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