Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Details Leaked

Mar 24, 2012, News, PS3 By Samantha Earwood






Drug use, multiplayer gangs, weapon and vehicle customization is said to be in Grand Theft Auto V. Also, it was said to release May 2013 following a demo at E3 2012, according to a poster on a now-deleted GameSpot article. The poster claimed to know an ex-Rockstar North employee and referred to Grand Theft Auto 5′s protagonist as the previously rumoured Albert De Silva. The poster also mentioned another character rumor, which was a son called Kevin De Silva. Some newer rumors include 32-player MP modes with online gangs vying for reputation and territory across various heists and modes in Los Santos. Also, planes will supposedly be flyable, players will be able to add minor additions to weapons and cars (such as suppressors or Nitrous boost), gunfights are said to be more realistic with a broader more varied range of police measures across wanted ratings, and drug use was also rumored to be included.

Comment down below, and tell us what you think about this rumor. Do you think it is true or do you think it is total bogus?

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26 Responses to “Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Details Leaked”

  1. Hajde Finishen says:

    cia ropt

  2. Evanvaliquette220 says:

    My construction supervisors name was DeSilva. Thats Brazil Portugese… maybe thats who the character would be too..

  3. Jahaziel_carisma says:

    i am not waiting till 2013

  4. Mull7483 says:

    2 long 2 be waiting for a sequel for ps3

  5. Samuelvelasco13 says:

    everything about it is awesome except the 2013 part :(

  6. Lover3216521 says:

    i hope so but 2013 sucks

  7. Aua Surasart says:

    hope that its’ like san andreas 

  8. vazdrae says:

    God, i cant wait for this game… 

  9. Zaid Yousef says:

    i hope it’s like liberty city
    and awesomera WHOLE u.s.a map
    travel with jets etc.

  10. Supnigs says:

    best gta is liberty city stories

  11. cant Waite getting the limited edition  

  12. Moinraja7 says:

    i love ps3 n gta

  13. If it’s not a black guy, the game sucks ass .

  14. It looks like it is gonna be a new GTA: San Andreas!

  15. Kenzie Louis says:

    GTA V needs character, weapon, car, house, clothes customization. more products to spend money on.GTA should include BMX bikes, skates, &&more girls to date, places to take them and should show and allow us to control how they “fuck” just like in Hot Coffee. GTA V should be a new, improved version of GTA San Andreas. If Rockstar takes enough time, and puts enough effort in to this game, it could be the “Best Game Ever.” 

    •  If rockstar read this …  and oblige, it would be the game that all GTA series fans would love to play cuz even spending hours playing GTA 4 and EFLC with their improved gameplay style when driving and shooting … and a well made story . most players still feels as if there is something missing on it.

      sorry not that great english.
      but its not my native language

  16. Wesstites says:

    screen shots pls!

  17. Wes stites says:

    gang wars!!!

  18. Amanda Coble says:

    May of next year? Thats way toooo looong

  19. oskr says:

    deberían  pasarlo al español latino completo entonces para los argentinos que esperamos con ansias el nuevo juego lo entendamos mejor con ínfimo detalle 

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