Shadow Realms Could Come to The PS4 and Xbox One

Thursday,August 14, 2014By Jose Aranda


BioWare Austin recently unveiled a 4v1 PC RPG game called Shadow Realms. This game is set to be out on PC, but it could see a console release, according to BioWare’s general manager Jeff Hickman.

In a interview at GamesCom Hickman stated that “I saw some reports coming out yesterday saying Shadow Realms was exclusive to PC, which nobody ever said…there is nothing that says that if the fans want it, and everything goes well on PC, that we don’t push it to console. It’s a Frostbite game, so it’s straightforward, and we can do it if we want to.”

Shadow Realms is an online-only RPG featuring cooperative 4v1 gameplay in a modern fantasy world. Shadow Realms is expected to launch on PC sometime late 2015. Over at the games website, there is a opportunity for access for the closed beta.

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