PlayStation GangFeature News PlaystationSony been developing PlayStation 4 since August 2010

Sony been developing PlayStation 4 since August 2010

Surprise! Playstation 4 has been in development since August 2010

According to the online CV of an ex-SCEA R&D director, Sony has been developing the “Playstation 4″ since August 2010.

Attila Vass at  LinkedIn claims that he began working on the graphics library and security on the “Next Generation PlayStation” in August 2010.

In vass profile  mentioned he work on PlayStation Vita separately, suggesting that the ‘next generation PlayStation’

Vast profile also mention

“In 1998 I started as the first engineer in the Playstation US R&D,”

“I worked on graphics ( COLLADA, PSGL ) and a lot of network related technologies ( advertising, telemetry, PVRs ) for the Playstation2-x, PSP, Vita and Next Generation platforms (Playstation 4). Platform security was occupying most of my time at the last years… ”

“If you can build a better machine and it’s going to come out a little bit later,” he continued, “that’s better than rushing something to market that’s going to run out of gas for the long term.”


Sound like Jack Tretton knows all along, as he mentioned Playstation 4: “We’ve Never Been First, Never Been Cheapest” 

You can view  the image CV  suggests  SCEA’s ex-R&D director work on the “next generation PlayStation”  2 years ago. Leave a comment let us know your thoughts about this  in the comment section down below

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  1. This is a absolute horrible design. The new ps4 controllers should be the same as they are now with the ps3 controllers but have them in chrome colors or see through plastics instead. The ps4 should be able to play your ps3 games to so every one don’t have to get new games that they already have.

  2. The new Play Station 4 should be able to let you play your games but listen to your music play list at the same time. You should also be able to talk in your mic to one of your friends while your in a match online instead of only being able to talk to the people in your lobby. This way you could choose to talk to your friends in the middle of the match and mute every one else or just choose to talk to the people in your lobby.

  3. This controller doesn’t look comfy to me. What they should consider, except a modern design, is also ergonomics. Anyway, I absolutely agree with Dillon. I also agree with Robert, but about the design I am not sure if they will produce it like this, because I came here from the Play station 4 page on facebook and it had pictures there which was different.

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  5. backwords compatibility is a big plus hope it is……also they better work well…the last ps3 ans xbox 360 i bought has issues….IMO this is mostly due to overheating and disk drive issues…on my third xbox 360 needless to say i wolnt be buying another xbox unless i know they dont have issues (rings of death or like problems) i have not had much problems with my ps3 altho ive heard of alot of issues with them….they are potable! design them to be….you couldnt kill any nintendo or the original playstation…please please make the money i spend worth while…as it is i wolnt be rushing out to buy the new systems dues to the past “failures” due to poor design…so just keep in mind after you release it…if i read any negative reviews of it or see problems posted ill probably end up not buying anymore consoles….i want quality product not some thing i have to replace because its junk and i already bought the games

  6. If it has trays of discs were you can put in your favorite games without having to get up and switch all the time. And if it has a built in HD PVR and it has a button on the controller when you want too record and you can put the clips onto a USB stick :D

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