Sony CEO Says Lower PS4 Price Point May Not Be Enough

Friday,August 23, 2013By Eric Swain

Jack Tretton

Sony CEO and President of SCEA Jack Tretton says, the PS4’s lower price point may not be enough to win over the Xbox One. He does acknowledge the advantage of launching a cheaper console than the competition, but also noted that consumers care about more than just the price.

“I think ultimately, the gamer looks at a ten year product lifecycles; they look at the software offerings they look at the value proposition. And the lowest priced system isn’t always the most successful, but being cheaper than your competition is never a bad thing.

“I feel like we’ve got the gamer on our side; I feel like we’ve got the development community on our side; and now we’ve got to execute.”

Price is one thing, but Tretton says that value is the more important factor to consumers.

PS4 will release in the North America on November 15th and Europe on November 29th. Japan is to be determined. It will cost $399, €399, £349 depending on the country.


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