Sony CEO Thought PlayStation Was Just ‘a Toy’

Saturday,May 3, 2014By Charly Pierre


During an interview with Andrew House, it was revealed that it wasn’t too long ago when Ken Kutaragi, father of the PlayStation, thought that  the company as a whole truly believed the PlayStation console was simply a “Toy!” PlayStation was originally designed simply as a toy for Sony. Although, not everyone were  satisfied to see the brand as a “Toy” This led him to create the original PlayStation.

Andrew House told Game Informer,

“When I told my former boss at Sony that I was going to go work for Ken, his first reaction was, “But it’s a toy! How can you go work on a toy?” I said that I thought it has more potential than that, but that was exactly the reaction.”

Ken Kutaragi elaborated and thought calling the brand “Sony Computer Entertainment” would signify the  names of other departments, such as “Sony Pictures Entertainment “and “Music Entertainment”

“Former CEO Norio Ohga-san suggested that, “Sony Computer Entertainment was such a big name, why are you using that – such a grand name – for a video game?” But I personally believed computer entertainment would become a big industry, all around the world, in the future.”


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