Sony Predicts The PS4 Will Match PS2 Sales

Monday,February 24, 2014By Dennis Patrick


Sony has been trying to get the same sales figures for their consoles ever since the launch of the PlayStation 2. The PS2 happens to be the best selling console of all time with a record breaking 155 million units sold since the system launched. Sadly, Sony’s PlayStation 3 hasn’t managed to bring in even close to the sales numbers the PS2 brought with only 80 million units sold. Now that the PlayStation 4 is out on market, Sony believes that the console can bring in more sales units than the PS2.

This may or may not actually be wishful thinking on Sony’s part as just about every region the console has released has been receiving console shortages. With only 5 million units sold so far for the PlayStation 4, the console isn’t even close to passing up the PS2 however, Sony won’t be ruling out the possibility of breaking the 155 million units.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia president, Hiroshi Kawano, has spoken on the matter with Inside Games. Hiroshi Kawano stated the following on the PlayStation 4 sales figures:

“As we all know, unfortunately the sales of the PS3 didn’t even get near the sales of the PS2. It may be difficult for a home console now, but I think we shouldn’t say it’s impossible unconditionally,” Kawano said. “However, I believe it’s possible to expand the popularity of the PS4 by providing a rich gaming experience and making use of the fusion of network service and high performance that is possible only on home consoles.”

It’s tough to say if the PlayStation 4 can break 155 million units but we’re certainly pulling for it. Let us know in the comments below if you think the PS4 has potential of breaking the PS2 sales figures and why or why not.


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