Sony Trademarks Bloodborne an Unannounced Game

Wednesday,April 30, 2014By Dennis Patrick

GDC Sony

E3 is just around the corner and we’re all gearing up to see just what Sony has up their sleeves. Turns out that Sony actually trademarked a video game known as Bloodborne just months away from E3 2014. Could we get details on this title during their press conference?

The trademarked was filed on April 24, 2014 which was noticed by Siliconera.  This trademark is filed under the United States Patent & Trademark Office which covers computer game software. Of course, Sony has yet to make any comment on the recent trademark.

This will make three trademarks made from Sony before E3. The other two titles that will likely be announced during the press conference is Kill Strain and Entwined. We’ll have the latest details once released right here on PSG.

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