Sony’s PlayStation 4 Sells 320,000 Units In Japan Within 48 Hours

Tuesday,February 25, 2014By Dennis Patrick


The Sony PlayStation 4 just launched in it’s homeland of Japan which is also very interesting. This happens to be the first console from Sony that wasn’t launched in Japan first but instead was received within North America’s market. Now that the console is up for grabs the sales figures are starting to come out. News isn’t officially from Sony but from a Japanese publication Famitsu.

Apparently within just 48 hours, Sony has sold over 320,000 units within Japan. That’s an impressive sell so far. Although, Sony has made mention that the PlayStation 4 could potentially out sell the PlayStation 2, a console that holds a record for most console sells. To give you a better idea as to where Sony’s PlayStation 4 is at now, Sony’s PlayStation 2 managed to sell over 630,000 units within 48 hours of launch in Japan.

There’s room to grow but with the outstanding PS4 sell figures and Sony’s struggles to keep consoles in regions before selling out, the PS4 may actually close the PS2 sell gap  in the long run. Currently, the Microsoft Xbox One has yet to enter Japan officially and in the past Microsoft’s consoles hasn’t held up very well within the market. We’re sure that the Xbox One will follow the same path as the Xbox and Xbox 360 once it does officially launch within the region.

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