April 29, 2013


These guys are responsible for covering the news related to the PlayStation brand as well as ensuring its readers are kept updated about other gaming media as well. Ranging from news, reviews, opinion pieces, articles and more, Team PSG makes sure readers have a wide range of content to pick from and have an enjoyable experience. We hope to serve you as best as we can and look forward to having you on our website.


Debabrata Nath


Email: [email protected]

Debabrata Nath is the Editor-In-Chief of PlayStationGang. He is also one of the two founders of the website responsible for overlooking the day to day running of the site and ensuring that all readers get the latest PlayStation updates as soon as they arrive.


Charly Junior


Email: [email protected]

Charly is a founder of PlayStationGang. He has been a PlayStation fan ever since 1995. PlayStation brands has motivated him in every possible way. He vows to accomplish and construct one of the most outstanding and incomparable PlayStation sites that distributes the latest and the most entertaining content related to the world of PlayStation.



Magadala See

Staff Writer

Email: [email protected]

Magadala has been a gamer since her childhood days and always wanted to express her opinion about them. Joining PSG as a staff writer, she’s the live wire of the team, always thinking of new ideas. Don’t get fooled by her mesmerizing looks and make the mistake of challenging her to a online battle. It’ll not end well…



Saurav Das

Staff Writer

Email: [email protected]

Saurav Das is a dedicated gamer and loves writing about the games he has grown up playing. Joining PlayStationGang as a staff writer, Saurav is the resident news junkie, making sure no important news goes uncovered.




Matthew Wight

Staff Writer / Reviewer 

Matt is a reviewer at PlayStationGang, his job is to cover the games for the next gen console and is a constant active campaigner to reboot Crash Bandicoot!
He also believes that friends are important to build the gaming community online. So add him on Ps4 at MagikPiggy!






Yasmin Hamdy 

Staff Writer / Reviewer

Twitter: @pandoragirljass

Yasmin enjoys playing games since she was little with friends or her family
and enjoys talking about them with people. She enjoys playing a wide
variety of games but her top 2 picks are survivor horror and RPG games.



Bio Picture


Jose Aranda


Jose loves video games, he was exposed to them at a young age and thus grew an appreciation for them early on in life. As he got older Jose started to appreciation and understand the commitment it takes to make these games and fell in love with them even more. Now Jose writes about games and hopes to make it into a career.



LaquPhotoan Lockhart

Staff Writer/ Reviewer

Twitter: @LaquanLockNC

Laquan became a instant gamer at a young age. He was the only kid in his neighborhood who could complete a game in 3 days, but Laquan instantly knew his gift was in gaming. Laquan is very opinionated and open to his fellow gamers opinions of what they want and how they feel about games they played and say what most people won’t say. So he’ll do his very best to say what other wont say.


Dennis Patrick

Editor in Chief

Dennis has been an avid gamer since the day he could properly hold a video game controller. Now he’s taking his passion into new lengths with journalism. When he’s not writing about video games he’s podcasting at